Commercial Properties

 We ensure a seamless restoration process for corporate facilities and offices, minimizing business interruption with our advanced techniques.

Residential Properties

 From multifamily high-rise buildings to cozy single-family homes, we are your trusted partner for restoring properties, ensuring quick recovery, and providing peace of mind for all residents.


Our expertise lies in retail property restoration, from shopping malls to warehouse retailers, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations and a swift return to normality.


We’re equipped to handle food industry restoration, safeguarding food distribution centers, restaurants, and food courts, so you can maintain the highest standards of food safety.

Financial and Technology Institutions

For banks, financial centers, and technology offices, we ensure data integrity and business continuity with our expert restoration services.

Healthcare And Assisted Living 

We specialize in healthcare facilities and understand the unique needs of assisted living and senior living facilities, ensuring the safety, continuity, and well-being of patients and residents during the restoration process.


We support educational institutions, from schools to universities, during their restoration journey, so students and staff can return to a safe learning environment.


Our dependable restoration solutions extend to governmental offices, courtrooms, and public institutions, ensuring the seamless operation of essential services.


From hotels to vacation homes, we restore the allure and functionality of hospitality properties so guests can enjoy a memorable experience.

Industrial & Manufacturing

We specialize in restoring industrial and manufacturing facilities, minimizing downtime and keeping operations running efficiently.


We support community spaces like gyms, libraries, and community centers, ensuring these hubs remain accessible and functional.


For airlines, airports, and marine transportation, our efficient restoration services keep passengers and cargo moving.

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Dedicated to providing prompt, efficient and cost-saving restoration services for all types of property damage across Toronto and the GTA.

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